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Welcome to Douglas Valley breakers

Douglas Valley operates four sites in the north west. We process all types of motorised salvage from cars to , trucks, aviation salvage, boats, and machinery. We handle around 10,000 vehicles a year and sell parts directly to the consumer, motor dealer and trader. We also offer the same service for vehicle salvage which can be purchased directly from our site or from one of our auction sites.

We have dedicated sites to process High value vehicles and prestige four wheel drives and also sites for storing and re-selling salvage vehicles. Other sites that we operate specialise in selling run of the mill vehicle parts at heavily discounted prices. We even operate a site that buys and sells ferrous and non ferrous scrap metals of all types.

If your car has been damaged you have a right to buy back the salvage as part of your settlement from the Insurance Company and we will give you a BIG CASH PROFIT on what you pay for it. Simply email pictures of your vehicle to us even if you have not started the claim and we can tell you what price to offer the Insurance company so that you might even come out on the right side of the claim.